Tattoos For Charity – Get A Tat, Help A Cat!

Puff Puff, adoptable at TLC

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to pets?  7 Seas Tattoo in Orchard Park, New York, will help you put that love on display, permanently, because they’re donating their body art services to two local animal charities at an event on Sunday, September 18.


Sheera, adoptable at TLC
Sheera, adoptable at TLC

Called ‘Get A Tat, Help A Cat‘, the event, linked here, benefits Ten Lives Club, a cat rescue located in Blasdell, NY, and Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue, (BPSBR).


The event was organized by Diana Thorne, who has been with Ten Lives Club for many years.  She tells ShelterMe that she approached Dave Weiss, the owner of 7 Seas, with the artful idea, and Weiss signed on.  Here are the tattoos from which to choose:









Now, when it comes to helping cats, TLC simply doesn’t pussyfoot around. The second-largest cat rescue in the state, with over 300 cats in the system, safe, at any one time, TLC is NOT your garden-variety kitty rescue.  In addition to their main facility, they have a venue at the Walden Galleria Mall, hold adoption days at Pet Supplies Plus, Petco and Petsmart – they’re obviously maximizing adoption options for their residents!


Harrison at TLC
Harrison at TLC

TLC’s community awareness doesn’t stop at their own front door.  They recently built a warehouse which will be a food distribution center for local rescues, as well as a ringworm treatment facility.


Founded in 2001 by Marie Edwards, TLC has become the ‘go-to’ place when adopters are seeking a feline companion like Puff-Puff.  Ms. Thorne tells ShelterMe,

 “people just know us.  TLC has spayed/neutered and adopted out over 20,000 cats since we opened our doors.”

Gracia, adoptable at TLC
Gracia, adoptable at TLC

What else makes them so special?   It’s more than just fun events like this one; it’s the obvious care they give to every cat who comes through the door of their free-roaming shelter.  To ensure that every adopter is worthy of being a cat parent, they follow strict guidelines before releasing one of their charges to a new family.

Bello, adoptable at TLC

Over and above the ‘general public’ cats, this not-for profit shelter, also boasts two areas for cats with special needs.  One room is reserved for cats with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), another room houses the shy cats.  They even have their own veterinarian for spay/neuter services.

Obviously, to TLC, every cat is cool.

So check out the event here, or, if you’re not in the area, see what body artists in your area might have a feel for the furries.

Buster, adoptable at BPSBR
Buster, adoptable at BPSBR

With Halloween just around the corner, maybe they’ll come up with something spooktacular.

Here’s a link to the cats at TLC, and here’s a link to the adoptables available at BPSBR; that rescue takes in dogs from abuse situations, surrenders and public shelters.


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  1. Diana says:

    On behalf on Ten Lives, we thank you you for your beautiful article. Until they all have homes!!

  2. DIANA says:

    Ten Lives will be forever grateful for such an inspiring and beautiful article!! We live what we do here, and hope to continue our mission until they all have homes!

    1. Lisa Blanck says:

      You’re very welcome. Thank YOU and Ten Lives for being there for the kitties, and other rescues in your community. You all DO wear your hearts on your sleeves 🙂

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