Teen Raises Thousands For Rescue Group That Took In Dumpster Puppies

An artistic 14-year-old girl has put her talent to work on behalf of a rescue group that took in a litter of day-old puppies who were discovered in mid-December by an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer. The seven tiny newborn puppies went to Every Dog Counts Rescue, and today, thanks to the agency’s care, they are happy and healthy.

Teen artist, Riley Newton, was inspired by the rescue of the abandoned puppies, so she set out to create a design for t-shirts to be sold as a fundraiser for the puppies’ veterinary bills, as well as for other sick or injured pets who are in need of care through Every Dog Counts Rescue. Newton added an important message on the shirts – it reads, “Don’t let love go to waste – ADOPT!”

Newton’s shirts have been a hit, so far, over $3,800 has been raised by sale of over 350 t-shirts. Newton told WISHTV, “I’m proud of what it did and what the impact was on the Every Dog Counts Rescue because I’m just happy I made a difference.”

On February 7, the rescue group announced an extension of the t-shirt sale:

Last day to order is Friday!
UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we extended the sale an extra week

Click here to find the t-shirts which Newton created (just a few more need to be sold to hit the goal of 400!!)

Find the rescue group on Facebook at this link.

Rescue group’s website here.

(Photos via Every Dog Counts Rescue Facebook page and screenshot via WISHTV)

From the rescue group’s website:

Every Dog Counts Rescue believes that truly every dog counts, regardless of age, breed, injury or disability.  Many of the dogs we take in are dogs other groups won’t or can’t…seniors, dogs with heartworm, dogs who have been hit by cars or shot, dogs with medical problems like seizures or diabetes, tiny babies who require bottle-feeding, and dogs with “handicaps”, to name a few.  We believe if they still have the ability to enjoy a quality of life, they deserve that chance.



Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at Examiner.com for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.