Tiny Schnauzer Survives Six Days Buried In Mexico City Rubble

A Japanese team of rescuers pulled a small white schnauzer from the rubble of Mexico City, six days after the deadly quake.  The most recent reports indicate the devastating quake, the most deadly in 32 years, has already claimed the lives of 324 people.

The rescue team comforted the frightened little dog, petting its head as it was brought down from the wreckage of the building.  The dog, though hungry, appeared to be in good health, and was taken to paramedics to be checked over.


Search-and-Rescue K9, Courtesy, SEMAR, Twitter

This amazing rescue, in the southern area of the city, gave a measure of  renewed hope to search-and-rescue teams still seeking additional survivors within similar pockets of rubble.

Frida, courtesy Ferdapupa/Twitter

Fifteen search-and-rescue dogs are playing a huge part in the Mexico City effort.  One dog, Frida, a 7-year-old lab named for the artist Frida Kahlo, is deployed by the Mexican Navy (SEMAR).  Frida, whose story has gone viral, was officially recognized for her valor by the office of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who tweeted:

“She is Frida, belongs to the Canine Unit of the @SEMAR_mx and has saved more than 50 lives in different natural disasters.” (translation)


Golden Rescued! Courtesy, YouTube

Earlier in the week, this Golden Retriever was pulled from the rubble by rescuers, while bystanders cheered them on.

As in the past, this is an international rescue mission.  At least 16 nations have sent teams to help!  Sixty-seven team members of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), an LA County rescue team, deployed to the area, with their five specially trained canines and more than 60 thousand pounds of gear.  They may be in the area for three weeks.  USAR team members have been stretched to the limit; in addition to teams in Mexico, others have deployed to Puerto Rico, to assist in the rescue effort there after Hurricane Maria tore through the island.

Juliet, Search-and-Rescue Dog, Courtesy Topos Mexico

Topos Mexico, a local search and rescue group, also have boots and dogs on the ground, including sweet Juliet, described on Twitter as,

“#Juliet (36 kg of weight) and tons of nobility, looking among the debris life. From street situation to 

Rescuers and volunteers in Mexico City have already begun the process of trying to reunite lost pets with their owners.  The IFAW, International Fund for Animal Welfare, is one of many groups on the ground in Mexico City, Puerto Rico and the islands still reeling from Hurricane Harvey.  They are highly rated by Charity Navigator; if you wish, you can donate here to help with their efforts.

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