Traumatized Dog Receiving Free Training To Help Increase Her Chances Of Being Adopted

A professional dog trainer in Tennessee has volunteered to take a traumatized young rescue dog under her wing. Petunia, a hound, was rescued in January from a home in Blount County where nearly two dozen animals were abandoned by their owner.

Some of the dogs removed from the property were healthy enough, physically and emotionally, to be adopted, but the terrible situation left Petunia fearful and lacking in confidence. So much so that she would not even let animal shelter employees near her for days…

Staff at the Blount County Animal Center knew that Petunia needed additional help if she was ever going to be adopted, so they reached out to Off Leash K9 training, and trainer Becky Jones immediately agreed to help.

According to WBIR News, Petunia has been gifted a two week board and train package from Off Leash K9 Training (OLK9). The neglected dog will be learning her basic obedience skills, gaining confidence and conquering her fears. When the program concludes, Jones believes that Petunia should be ready to meet adopters.

On Sunday, OLK9 alerted its Facebook followers to their latest project dog, and expressed high hopes for Petunia’s success:

“We are thrilled to be able to donate a Two-Week Board and Train package to the Friends of the Blount County Animal Center, for Petunia. During her training, Petunia’s confidence and adoptability will soar.”

On Monday, Friends of the Blount County Animal Center thanked Petunia’s trainer for her amazing gift:

“Thank you, Becky. It is heartwarming to see Petunia out of her kennel and in a home setting. What you are doing for Petunia is priceless. Thanks for working with this girl to help her get over her traumatic experience!”

If you are interested in adopting Petunia, please contact the Blount County Animal Center at 865-980-6244. If you want to help the survivors, like Petunia, you can visit

Find Off Leash K9 Training on Facebook here.


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