Truck Driver Saves ‘Unlikely Friends’ From Florida Highway

A compassionate truck driver is responsible for saving two animals, described as “unlikely friends,” from a Florida Highway. The touching rescue “tail” was provided to Facebook followers of the Humane Society of Summit County on February 7.

The shelter recounted how Dan O’Grady of Akron managed to rescue a domesticated rabbit dubbed “Interstate,” and a Jack Russell terrier dubbed “Highway,” from the side of a Jacksonville highway:

He exited the freeway and hoped he could get back to the dog before anything bad happened. Luckily, he got back in time but the skinny dog yapped at him and kept running off every time he approached.
The frantic dog, a Jack Russell terrier, led Dan into the woods. It was clear the dog wanted him to see something. Under a bush Dan saw a white domestic rabbit huddled there. Dan scooped up the rabbit and headed back to the truck and the dog followed.

Before reaching out to an area animal shelter for help, O’Grady fed his hungry new passengers (salad for the bunny and some lunch meat for the dog), and then went the extra mile to get supplies for the rabbit, who O’Grady learned would be traveling with him quite a bit further than the dog. The local (Georgia) shelter had agreed to take in Highway, but they were not able to accommodate Interstate the rabbit.

Fortunately, this pro-active animal lover remembered that the Humane Society of Summit County (in Ohio) would accept rabbits, so Interstate accompanied O’Grady for the long journey north. According to the shelter, Interstate joined their facility in mid-January. When he arrived he was “bony and malnourished,” and weighed a mere three pounds. It was obvious that his time alone had taken a toll.

This sweet rescue story has a happy ending…aside from the obvious (dog stays by his rabbit friend until they are both discovered by a good Samaritan) Highway was adopted from the Georgia animal shelter, and after Interstate reached a healthy weight, he found a forever home as well.

The shelter commended O’Grady for his good deed:

Dan O’Grady literally went the extra mile to rescue Highway and Interstate. We depends on good Samaritans like Dan who rescue injured, abused and abandoned animals. We care for and adopt small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and mice in addition to cats and dogs.

The animal shelter depends on donations to continue doing the good work that they do for homeless pets in need. Anyone hoping to support the shelter’s efforts can make a donation at: or 7996 Darrow Road in Twinsburg, OH 44087.

Find the shelter on Facebook here.

(Photos courtesy of Humane Society of Summit County)



Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.


  1. JERRY EDELMAN says:

    There are plenty of good people out there making a difference for our voiceless animals. Sadly we don’t hear enough about those good people. So thank you for reminding us of the GOODNESS of people..

  2. Helen says:

    Am glad the dog & the rabbit were saved a4
    Sumfin horrible happend but I think it’s
    Very sad that they had to be spli up.
    For all we no they may have lived togethered for months or years & then sum1 with compassion & kindness came along to help them.i can’t stop thinking about the dog locked in a caged & rabbit they must be missing each other terribly I feel sorry for the dog he must be heart broken the wee sweet heart

  3. Reyna says:

    Beautiful story.

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