Two Senior Dogs Find Friendship at County Shelter

Rocco and Spot didn’t arrive at the shelter in Miami together, but once they were kenneled together, they bonded. The volunteers at the shelter were pleased that the two dogs were comforted by each other and that they seemed happier because they were together.

While the shelter volunteers would love to see the two dogs get adopted together, they know that both dogs are older and so it will be more difficult for them to get adopted. That’s a shame as older dogs can be wonderful pets. They learn readily, they are calm, and they really appreciate a loving home.

Rocco is a five-year-old bulldog who arrived at the shelter in poor condition. He was not well cared for in his last home. He is heartworm positive, another obstacle to adoption. But he’s calm and sweet, and he takes treats gently. He gets along with other dogs, of course. Someone who  met him posted on Facebook:

Rocco #A1822437
This sad bulldog boy broke my heart today.. 💔there is always that one that gets to you, deep in your soul. He has old battle scars, skin issues, and is HW positive. That alone will keep rescues away because the cost of treating such a dog can be prohibitive. He’s been at MDAS since 10/17. I know someone has recognized the value of his life and is looking out over him.

His kennel mate and best friend is Spot. Spot is a senior Chow Chow mix who was neutered. He’s around seven years old, and very sweet. Spot was found as a stray. Spot looks like an older guy with a bit of grey around his muzzle, but he is calm and gentle. There is more information about Spot on his Facebook thread.

Both dogs have been at the shelter since October. It’s time that they found a home — together or apart. Transportation is available for these guys. Spot is ID#A1232475, and Rocco is ID#A1822437.

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They are located at Miami Dade Animal Services, 3599 NW 79 Ave, Doral, FL 33122. Their phone number is (305) 884-1101. Email to check the status of the dogs.


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  1. Joyce Rowland says:

    Thank you for caring about these bonded senior dogs…so deserving of a fur-ever home. Praying from across the miles that an Earth Angel will see all of the love these two dogs have to give, and keep them together to live out their twilight years. From Belleville, Illinois.

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