U.S. Coast Guard Station Is Fostering Dogs For Animal Shelter

Dogs fostered at U.S. Coast Guard Station

Thanks to a new program, some dogs at the Louisiana SPCA are lucky enough to enter an “off-campus” foster situation through the United States Coast Guard Station New Orleans. Thanks to the new program, certain dogs (specially chosen by members of the Coast Guard Station) get to leave the shelter facility and live at the U.S. Coast Guard Station until they get adopted.

The unique foster situation allows the dogs to show their true personality outside of their shelter kennel run, in addition to being able to regularly interact with people, which helps them become more adoptable. Dogs who are fostered at the Coast Guard Station are socialized and taught a few tricks (as well as proper doggy manners), but the end goal is just to find them a great new home.

In addition to being treated to life outside of the shelter, dogs fostered at the station get a boost thanks to the U.S. Coast Guard Station New Orleans Facebook page, which regularly posts photos, videos, and information about their current foster dog. On May 22, the following write-up was provided for Mia, the most recent foster pup (and the second dog to participate in the new program) at the station:

Reminder that this beautiful girl is still looking for a forever home! She enjoys long walks on the beach (or wherever), cuddles anytime of the day, and showing you much affection (lots of licking).
Mia is the perfect dog for anyone looking for a calm friendly dog. Ask us about setting up a meeting if you would like to meet her!

This week, WWL News covered the U.S. Coast Guard’s special foster program, with a focus on Mia – who apparently adores naps and cuddles (as well as playtime in the water).

You can follow the U.S. Coast Guard Station New Orleans on Facebook at this link.

Watch the WWL 4 News interview at this link.

Find the Louisiana SPCA on Facebook here.

Watch a heartwarming video, a Poem To My Foster Dog, here.

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