Upstate SC Coalition Helps Marion County Animal Shelter After Flood Damages Their Facility

On Wednesday morning, four dogs and two cats left a temporary shelter in Marion County, South Carolina after Marion County Animal Shelter flooded with two to three feet of water during Hurricane Matthew. The rescue effort was made possible by Monroe’s Mighty Mission, a coalition member of Let’em Live Upstate.

Jessica Monroe pictured with donations for Marion County Animal Shelter
Jessica Monroe pictured with donations for Marion County Animal Shelter

Jessica Monroe and Annie Queen made the four hour trip to a warehouse in Mullins where the dogs and cats are being held. The ladies took 20-25 gently used kennels and plenty of supplies donated by the Upstate community.

Riley, Gator, Jada and Ivy are safe with Upstate rescue groups
Riley, Gator, Jada and Ivy are safe with Upstate rescue groups (no photos available of cats Virgo and Tojo, also rescued)

When they arrived there were no medical supplies, so Jessica and Annie went out and purchased gauze, peroxide and other necessities with some of the monetary donations.


All of the dogs were in individual kennels.  Around six large pens were donated to the Marion County Animal Shelter to help with the animals in their care. Those helping out at the shelter had running water but no hot water. No bathroom for the staff and volunteers. Not even a place to wash their hands. There was water still leaking out of the walls from the flooding.

The donated building is larger than the damaged shelter and the Marion County community is hoping a way can be found to make this a new and permanent facility for the unwanted pets in the area. A plumber is desperately needed to fix the water situation. Veterinarian services are also needed from outside the area, as there is no veterinarian on staff at the warehouse since many who live locally were impacted by the flooding and can’t help out at this time.

Critical needs include a few refrigerators, a microwave, and comfort items such as socks filled with rice, which can be heated in a microwave. Monetary donations are needed most so those entering the area can purchase supplies before arriving at the shelter and can be made to

Jessica reported they arrived to find teams working to keep the dog cages clean. One person would walk the dog while the other would clean out the cage.

“These dogs, they just pooped all the time. And not because they’re not being cleaned but we heard from another volunteer that some of them were getting smart and learned if they pottied in their box, they got to go out for a little time.”

You can view Jessica’s update on YouTube. This is a long video where the devastating situation is brought to life with her words.

An album of photos taken at Marion County Animal Shelter can be found here. Another team will be heading to Mullens Sunday evening with plans to spend all day Monday helping the staff and volunteers with the shelter pets.

Organizations responsible for helping with this rescue include the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States and Brother Wolf Rescue out of Asheville, North Carolina. If you want volunteer personally in any area damaged by Hurricane Matthew, please contact the animal shelter you wish to help.

Let’em Live Upstate is compiled of experts in many fields including veterinarians, founders/directors of successful nonprofit organizations, marketing/fundraising professionals, trainers, business owners, and concerned citizens. Their mission is to create a no-kill Upstate by forming a united front between grass-roots rescues and municipal shelters.

Elisa Taylor

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