Utah Garbage Collector Rescues Freezing Kitten During Snowstorm

Freezing weather hit the Cache Valley in Utah hard on the morning of January 6. The temperature was a frigid -28 degrees and nearly two feet of snow had already fallen over the previous four days. It was the day a city garbage man named Sam McGregor would become a hero to a freezing kitten now known as Sue.

Sam McGregor and his family are the proud pet parents to two cats, so when he saw an animal in need, Sam knew he couldn’t leave her behind. In an interview with HJ News, Sam described how he felt when he found little Sue

“She was just a little black thing laying out in the turnover, not moving. I reached down to pick her up, and she just looked up at me. I couldn’t just leave her like that and put her back in the cold.”

Sue was barely alive when found by garbage collector

Sam was amazed Sue was alive at all when he found her. She was almost completely frozen, her malnourished body covered in ice. Sam knew he had to act quickly, but he also knew he couldn’t drive around the city all day with a kitten in the cab of his garbage truck. His quick thinking to bundle Sue up in his jacket and turn his heater on full blast while holding her close very likely saved the kitten.

Little Sue was dropped off less than an hour later at the Cache Humane Society, a no-kill shelter Sam knew would do all they could to save her. Cache Humane Society Executive Director, Stacey Frisk, said it was obvious Sue was out there a long time and estimated her to be a 12-week-old kitten.

The staff kept Sue, AKA “the dumpster kitty,” tucked into blankets and placed her on heating pads while subcutaneous fluid therapy was given to hydrate her and bring up her body temperature. Her only injury from being in the cold was some frostbite to her ears.

Once Sue was warmed up the little kitten wasted no time in putting away some food. She quickly ate two cans of wet food, eventually falling asleep from exhaustion in her food bowl. She’ll be placed with a foster owner once she’s healthy enough to leave the shelter, followed by adoption sometime within the next month.

Thank you, Sam, for caring enough to take time out of your day to help an animal in need. You are truly a hero, although you insist you’re not. Sam even paid a visit to Cache Humane Society after his shift ended to check on the little patient.

Anyone wishing to help Sue and the other cats and dogs at Cache Humane Society may do so via their website.

Elisa Taylor

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    Awww. Bless Him. We need more people like Sam McGregor.
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