‘Walking Miracle’ Recuperating After Being Thrown From Car

A dog, who is being called a “walking miracle” is recuperating from injuries she sustained after someone cruelly hurled her from a moving car. The Yorkshire terrier pup, dubbed “Sydney,” miraculously survived after someone tossed her out of a car window onto the Bronx River Parkway on July 5.

Fortunately, transit workers were nearby and they rushed to help the little dog who had been cast aside. The workers transported Sydney to FDNY Engine 63, Ladder 39 and Battalion 15 – the firefighters comforted the tiny dog until a rescue agency was contacted.

On July 6, shortly before Sydney arrived at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, the rescue agency alerted Facebook followers about a “rescue in progress.”

The pup is injured, bleeding and en route to Oradell Animal Animal Hospital by volunteers to meet RBARI staff right now.

The sweet baby is so matted and filthy that we aren’t even sure if the pup is a girl or boy.

Unable to move much without pain, the pup is shaking in fear and has no idea that he or she is about to get love and care for the first time. We will keep you posted as “Sydney’s” story unfolds.

Sydney’s dismal condition (matted and urine soaked fur and long-untrimmed nails) were indicative of her life of neglect – but today, she is thriving with good care and a loving foster home. On Monday morning, the rescue organization wrote:

As you can clearly see …our little survivor is enjoying life as she recovers in her current foster home.

Some things we have learned so far – 
This little girl is very active and enjoys walks ( although we are limiting her activity so she can heal). Sydney also enjoys the company of her foster brothers and sisters, so a home with other well balanced and friendly dogs ( she also likes cats) would help her socialization process. 

Although Sydney has already become quite comfortable around her foster Mom, and does follow her everywhere, cuddling , and asking for affection, this sweet girl is most definitely not used to kind hands, and is very fearful of being touched.

Sydney is feeling better every day, and while she does have some medical procedures in her future, we have high hopes for our girl.

Sydney’s bad days are a thing of the past – she is finally in good hands. The authorities are seeking tips about whoever is responsible for Sydney’s pitiful condition – and for throwing her from a moving car. Anyone with information is asked to email execdir@rbari.org

Donations for Syndey’s care are being accepted by the rescue agency here.

(Images via Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge)

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