Way, Way Better Than Roses: This Shelter Will Deliver Puppies On Valentine’s Day

Photo courtesy of Brother Wolf

What does your animal-loving sweetheart want for Valentine’s Day? It’s not chocolate or diamonds.

Two words: Puppy Grams.

Photo courtesy of Brother Wolf

For the 6th year running, Asheville, North Carolina’s Brother Wolf Animal Rescue will be making dreams come true with its Valentine’s Day puppy delivery service.

Photo courtesy of Brother Wolf

Sixty-five dollars gets you a Puppy Gram package including a balloon, cupcake, rose, card, and 15 minutes to play with a Brother Wolf puppy. Up that to a hundred and fifty bucks and you get two puppies to play with, plus four handmade vegan truffles, and a dozen roses.

Which is nice and all, but who really cares about roses and truffles when you’ve got puppies!

Photo courtesy of Brother Wolf

Marketing director Jackie Teeple tells Shelter Me that most Puppy Gram recipients — who are, we’ll say again, among the most fortunate people on earth — aren’t currently in a position to adopt, which is why this snuggly puppy play time is especially welcome.

“But if the recipient is thinking about adoption, we invite them to get in touch with our adoption team to fill out some simple paperwork. We try hard to make sure the puppies who go on visits are already spayed or neutered, so they’re ready to go to new homes right away,” she says.

And even if somehow, bizarrely, the puppies get through the day without having found a permanent home, it’s still a win for them, too.

“They get a day of socializing with many new people and get lots of love, along with tons of exposure to potential adopters,” says Teeple. “It’s amazing for the puppies!”

The fine print, we’re sorry to say, is that Puppy Gram delivery extends only to 20 miles outside Asheville. Finding true love is ruff, guys.


Arin Greenwood

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