What Are The Top 100 Pet-Friendly U.S. Cities?


WalletHub just released their list of the top 100 pet-friendly cities in the country.   A wealth of pet-related statistics were compared and weighed. Ratings were given to veterinary care costs, the count of pet-friendly businesses such as restaurants and Meet-Up groups, pet insurance rates and great places for your dog, and you, to soak up the sun.

Scottsdale, AZ claimed the number one spot in general, while San Francisco was named top spot for “Overall Pet Friendliness”.   Oklahoma City was the least expensive, and, no surprise here, NYC takes the biggest bite out of your wallet.

When it comes to the great outdoors, what cities have gone to the dogs in a big way?  It’s a five-way tie, with a couple of surprises: San Francisco, Portland, OR, Las Vegas and NYC, with Henderson, NV and Boise, ID rounding out the list.

Boise?  Yep!  According to their website, Boise has four off-leash parks, walking trails and foothills, and ten additional off-leash areas. If you’re considering a road trip with your pup, this looks like a great place to kick back for man and mutt! And BringFido, a great source for all things dog, lists six off-leash dog parks in Henderson, NV.

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Do you like to chow down with your best friend nearby?  That’s a five-way tie as well.  And if your pet is feeling sub-par, Florida claims two cities in the top five with the most vets per capita – Miami and Orlando.

Wondering where your city falls?  Check out WalletHub’s interactive map here!  If your hometown isn’t as ‘pupular’ as you expected, keep in mind that even being ON the list is a doggone good thing!

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Lisa Blanck

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  1. Joan Osran says:

    The most UNfriendly city is Naples Florida. Almost ALL rentals are unavailable if you have a pet

    1. Lisa Blanck says:

      The Pet Alliance of Orlando provides a list of pet-friendly accommodations to interested pet owners. Too bad Naples doesn’t have an organization such as this to help out in that city.

  2. Jay Talmage says:

    I live in Las Vegas and am so glad my city is on the list ! People here do love animals ! Almost every home has a dog or cat !

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