Woman In Nursing Home Is Reunited With Dog She Had To Surrender

Coincidence is too mild a term to describe the reunion between a Lancaster County, South Carolina woman and the little dog she left behind when she had to enter a nursing home and couldn’t take him with her. This chance meeting between a dog and his former owner is nothing short of a miracle.

Starr Friend surrendered her little dog Tippy to Lancaster County Animal Control more than a year ago. Tippy had been by her side for more than seven years, but it was against nursing home policy for dogs to live with the residents. Within two hours of his arrival at Lancaster County Animal Shelter, Pam Snead came to the shelter to adopt a dog. She immediately fell for Tippy and took him home to love and cherish.

Tippy became Eddie, who displayed a remarkable ability to make people smile. Eddie had the opportunity to do just that a little over a month ago when Pam’s mother Nina entered Lancaster Convalescent Center for rehabilitation after breaking her hip in a fall. Nina was feeling depressed and was in pain from her accident, so Pam decided to take Eddie for a visit to cheer her up.

While visiting that day, Nina told Pam she needed medication for her pain. Pam carried Eddie out in the hallway to look for a nurse. It didn’t take long for fate to bring Eddie’s new mom and his former mom together. Pam heard “Tippy” being called from across the hall where the little dog’s former owner had seen him and recognized him immediately.

Tippy was reunited with his owner (Fox screenshot)

Pam, Starr and several staff members at Lancaster Convalescent Center were in tears as they witnessed the miraculous reunion. Starr was able to spend some time with the dog she had loved for so long, and Pam has promised to bring Eddie to visit her again. In an interview with Fox News, Starr was beyond happy as she shared the news

“He has two moms now. She’s his number one mom and I’m number two. They’ve been good to him, because I know he loves them, so I know he’s been treated good.”

A heartwarming video of Pam, Starr, and Tippy/Eddie can be found by clicking here.

Elisa Taylor

Elisa’s articles have helped save thousands of the shelter pets she writes about, along with animal welfare and cruelty case articles which are published on Pictures-of-cats.org as well as her personal website at Nationalcatexaminer.com (National Cat Reporter). Elisa lives with her daughter and a multitude of cats (including one cat­-dog named Cujo). As a writing “addict” Elisa enjoys sharing interesting stories with other animal lovers.

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    This organisation is UK based.. Why not try to set up something similar wherever you are?


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