Woman Lost Everything, Including Her Four Beloved Pets, In Deadly Fire

A woman in Mankato, Minnesota, lost everything earlier this month when a devastating fire destroyed the duplex where she was living. Not only was every material possession of Melanie (Dreyer) Kenyor’s destroyed, but her dog and three cats perished in the February 6 blaze as well.

Barb Fitz, a long-time friend of Kenyor’s, reached out to Shelter Me with information about the tragic situation:

I just want to help a fellow animal rescuer and a good friend of mine who survived a fire, but lost all 4 of her best friends to the blaze.  She lost everything in the fire, the only person to escape unharmed was her Dad who lived on first floor of the duplex.  Her dog and 3 cats, all rescues perished in this horrific event.

Fitz added:

She is a selfless, caring, talented young lady, we have been friends for over 15 years. I am just thankful she is alive, but I can’t imagine losing my 4 babies in a fire, it would kill me.

Prior to the fire, Kenyor was not working because she was recuperating from multiple surgeries – the fire itself nearly claimed her life and she has been hospitalized for severe lung trauma ever since. Suffice to say, life’s recent curve balls have been devastating.

In an effort to help, an online fundraiser (click here) has been created to help Kenyor recover from this devastating situation. Fitz explained the extent of loss the fire created:

I hope we can raise some funds to off set her staggering medical bills and future living expenses, she is currently homeless, as is her Dad (he is staying with family), but they rented this duplex together, so neither has a home now.

Fitz explained why she is doing her utmost to help Melanie (Mel) get back on her feet:

I want her to know she is loved, that she is appreciated in the animal rescue world & that we have her back!!! I would love to help CHEER her up. Mel has always helped me out when I needed transport, needed a home visit in her area or needed an emergency foster.

Fitz told Shelter Me that she knows her friend will want the companionship of a four-legged friend when she is once again able to support and care for one. Already, an offer to sponsor the adoption fee for a new friend has been offered…but Mel needs to get back on her feet first.

Cards of support and well wishes can be mailed to:

Bethesda Hospital
C/O Melanie Dreyer
Room 317
559 Capitol Blvd
Saint. Paul, MN 55103


Read more about the fundraising efforts here.


Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at Examiner.com for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.

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  1. Olinka Calderon says:

    So sorry for Melanie’s lost. I will be devastated. My condolences for her pet’s lost. You are in my prayers.

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