Women’s Shelter Allows Those Fleeing Abuse To Bring Their Pets

A women’s shelter in Modesto, CA is letting those who are fleeing from an abusive relationship to bring their pets with them.

The Haven Women’s Center promotes individual empowerment and societal change. While it’s been successful for many abused women, there’s a certain sector it hasn’t been able to fully reach. Now that’s changing.

There’s a staggering statistic:

More than 70 percent of pet-owning women who enter shelters report that their batterer injured, killed or threatened family pets for revenge or psychological control, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Thanks to a grant, a new kennel and dog run was built at the haven facility.

CBS Sacramento spoke with one woman who went through the process, but at the time had to leave her pets behind.

Gretchen DePue says this program can help so many others like herself.

“I think it’s one that people hopefully use to be able to leave their abusive situations instead of staying like I did until I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m so happy to hear about it,” she said.

The community has really rallied in support of this mission.

The Humane Society is offering food and the Beckwith Veterinary Hospital is even donating standard care and vaccines.

But not all costs will be picked up. That’s why the shelter is asking for the public’s help.

They hope this will continue to be a place to help women in abusive situations in Stanislaus County.

Source: CBS Sacramento

Steven Latham

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  1. shannon says:

    Where near Bailey NC can I bring my pets with me from abuse

  2. Katherine Beattie says:

    Where do we send donations for the Modesto shelter project?

  3. Lyla McLean says:

    The SPCA here in Canada will take in the pets of families fleeing violence until the guardians can reclaim them. Sadly the women’s shelters can’t accommodate all the women.

  4. Lisa Blanck says:

    There’s a women’s shelter in Central Florida who does the same thing. Harbor House also has a special section for residents pets!

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