Wow, There Is A LOT Of This Shelter Cat To Love!

The other day, 21-pound Edgar landed himself in a Maryland animal shelter after going after his family’s “smaller grandchildren,” says Humane Society of Carroll County executive director Charles Brown.

Brown was told that Edgar left the bigger grandkids alone, but took to, as Brown put it, “harassing” the others.

Here is the fierce, feisty lion in all his enormous glory:

Photo credit: Humane Society of Carroll County
Photo credit: Humane Society of Carroll County

It’s a great photo. So great, that within a few hours of it going up on the shelter’s Facebook page, Edgar had gotten himself adopted by a young couple who came in and quickly bonded with the massive feline.

“He did not spend three full hours in the shelter,” says Brown.

Photo credit: Humane Society of Carroll County
Photo credit: Humane Society of Carroll County

Guys, it gets even better. Edgar’s reach is as profoundly large as his physical size.

Just on his one day in residence, lots more people came into the shelter, also wanting to meet Edgar. They may have been disappointed about not getting to lay hands on Mr. Massive, but they didn’t leave empty-handed.

“Edgar did end up spurring eight other adoptions that day,” says Brown.

Congratulations on your huge new life, Edgar — and good work on helping get more shelter pets into homes, too, big boy!

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Arin Greenwood

Arin Greenwood is an animal writer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Previously, she was animal welfare editor at The Huffington Post. Arin is a former lawyer (J.D. from Columbia Law School, member of the New York Bar), life long animal lover, pit bull advocate, and devoted fan of cats and dogs who run for public office.

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  1. Stephanie Ritch says:

    You know the grandkids were probably messing with him, pulling his tail or tormenting him. Until people teach children how to act around cats, whose background goes back to the Wildcats, this will happen. You cannot own a cat or be around one and not expect to get scratched or occasionally a bite. It is who they are. If you don’t want this, get a gerbil. Such an absolutely gorgeous boy, hopefully he has found a family who appreciates his wild heritage and the amazing cat he is.

  2. Ione French says:

    I would love to have a kitty like Edgar. Also thank you to the people that came and rescued 8 other furbabies

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