Coming soon: “Shelter Me: In Times of Need”

In the new episode of Shelter Me, we feature an innovative shelter program where Alzheimer’s facilities foster orphaned kittens. More than 5.5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer‘s. The partnership with the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) in Tucson not only gives kittens the 24-hour care they need to survive but also helps the seniors at the memory care facilities feel needed.

We also have an adoption story about a shelter dog that becomes a hospital therapy dog.

And we feature Beyond Fences (formerly Coalition to Unchain Dogs), an organization in Durham, NC that builds free fences for people that keep their dogs chained up all day. This simple act completely changes the relationship between the dogs and their families and prevents people from surrendering their pet to the shelter. Watching the dogs get released from their chains is incredible. This is also a story about those living in poverty and how helping people, instead of judging them, can positively impact a community. It’s a revolution of kindness!

These stories will inspire communities across the country to get involved to make a difference and help more animals get adopted.

Shelter Me is presented by the Petco Foundation.

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